Abstract Presenter Guidelines

ALL presenters SHOULD submit a Pre-recording File of abstract before Oct 22(Thu), 2020.

In Abstract Presentation or Abstract Competition, the Pre-recording file can be used as a Back-up for the live presentation.

In Abstract Competition, Domestic presenters should participate ON-SITE.

In Abstract Presentation, Domestic presenters should be encouraged to participate on-site. If unavailable, you can join on-line presentation via Zoom.

For Overseas Presenters, you can join the online live presentation through the zoom meeting room.

In Abstract Exhibition, the Pre-recording file can be used for On Demand service during the entire congress period.

All abstract presenters must complete pre-registration before Oct 15(Thu), 2020. Otherwise, the abstract presentation can be cancelled.

1. Main Information
1) Presentation Type
Type Format Presentation Time
Abstract Competition Live / On Demand Pre-recording 10 minutes Presentation + 5 minutes Q&A
Abstract Presentation Live / On Demand Pre-recording 9 minutes Presentation + 5 minutes Q&A
Abstract Exhibition On Demand Pre-recording (only) 5 minutes Presentation
2) Language

Official Language : English

2. Submission Steps
STEP 1 – Download the template

Please download the abstract template in PowerPoint.

Template Download
STEP 2 – Pre-recording of presentation

There are two options for the recording, depends on your preference. (Using PPT / Using Keynote)

The Presentation should be recorded in English.

Please refer to the Pre-recording Guideline.

    Pre-recording Guideline(ENG)
    Pre-recording Guideline(KOR)
STEP 3 – Submit your files

Please click the “Go to Submit" below to upload your files at Dropbox.

To confirm your submission, recording file’s name should be same as the below.
Ex) Abstract Competition_2020-0000_John Doe(Presenter name)

Please upload your presentation recording file by Oct 22(Thu)

Go to Submit
STEP 4 – Submit Copyright Agreement

We cordially ask for your permission to allow us to use the presentation file and VOD of your presentation for uploading in our website.

If you agree, please fill in the "Copyright Agreement“ below and submit to secretariat by Oct 22(Thu).

File name should be same as the below.
Ex) Copyright Agreement Form_John Doe(Presenter Name)_2020-0000

    Copyright Agreement Form
    Go to Submit
3. Online Presentation(Only for the Abstract Presentation Type)

Abstract Competition and Abstract Presentation will be live-streamed through the website.

If you cannot join Abstract Presentation on-site, you can join the online live presentation by Zoom. Further information will be provided.

Please refer to the below Zoom presentation guideline if you will join Abstract Presentation through online.

    Zoom Presentation Guideline(ENG)
    Zoom Presentation Guideline(KOR)